MD,PhD,DR Antonio Fiestas Hummler

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

The multi-lingual gynaecologist (Spanish-,German  & English speaking )
Dr. Antonio Fiestas Hummler, is a qualified doctor (PH.MD) and gynaecological surgeon.

Graduated from Oviedo University’s Medical School in 1982, he completed further specialist training and extensive postgraduate research at the Christian Albrecht zu Kiel University in Germany, being appointed as a gynaecologist and obstetrics consultant in 1989.
Since 1991, Dr. Fiestas has practised in the private sector as an English-speaking gynaecological consultant in Denia (Costa Blanca, Alicante, Spain).

He offers a wide range of gynaecological & obstetric services such as deliveries, gynaecological surgery including hysteroscopy and laparoscopic operations, vaginal and abdominal cancer surgery and urinary incontinence procedures.

He fervently believes that each one of his patients is an individual with personal circumstances and treatment needs. He provides a caring and sensitive attitude towards female patients of all ages.